Tuesday, 28 February 2012

An Uncalled For Cake Exchange

It's been a long time since I baked my last chiffon cake which I recalled being an unpleasant bake. It was a strawberry chiffon cake which I have not posted up because it was too sweet and sour to share.

So here's another lemon chiffon cake attempt using the same recipe I baked a while back. Since I baked the chiffon cake last night and left it to cool overnight, someone must have gotten hungry, unmolded it last night and took a chunk out of it. Who's the culprit? Well, this morning I still managed to capture pictures of the remaining cake before it became breakfast for my hungry siblings.

This morning I also happen to drop by my cousin's place with some slices of lemon chiffon cake to share. And they had just finish baking a banana cake which was really very moist and delicious (thank you G ^.^). So I exchanged a slice of chiffon cake for a slice of moist banana cake and joined them for breakfast with a nice cup of hazelnut coffee. A warm and pleasant morning to begin the day with, sweet enough for me.


  1. haha! seems like you have some mystery cake eaters in your house =p I love chiffon cake =D I want to try other flavours as well :) oh and tell G that her banana cake looks AMAZING and so moist and banana-ey ^^ would she cake to share the recipe? :P

  2. Loving your blog! Keep it up! I also wrote about banana breads this morning! :) You can check it out here! :)


  3. I'll ask her when I get a chance...

  4. Thank you Mary...I'll be sure to visit your blog too (:



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