Sunday, 25 December 2011

This Is The Bomb

This was the last bake I did before I left for holidays in Singapore.
It's the cookie puff (a.k.a kogepuff) again.

Never be afraid to try something a bit different. Only a bit. One of these puffs were baked in mini muffin tins while the other was baked on a baking tray, but both turned out edible yet interesting. Here's the recipe again.


I think the pictures are enough to let your eyes feast upon them.
 I ordered "Merri-mint" which was quite refreshing in between sharing the more chocolate-y ice creams.
Be sure to share the sweetness with many friends.
Transit in Singapore for Swensen's sweetness (:

Midnight Bake with Betty Crocker

When time is of the essence use Betty Crocker's packet mixes, and bake together with some friends. This bake was Betty Crocker's brownie mix which proved successful as we saw none of its remnants the next morning at breakfast. It was one long last night in a place I like to think of as my second home (:

Image credit to K. Thanks for the sweet memories!

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