Monday, 30 April 2012

Sweet Get Together

So we found a spot to park. Half an hour parking, just what we needed. We walked past this shop on our way to the apple store. Sale! Got a booking last minute. Got the mac fixed up in a flash. Went past this store again on our way to the car in less than half an hour. Then we went to have some lunch. 
After all that business, it was a nice way to just chill and go shopping. Then we shared a summer special. It's  really nice to get together with a bestie on a nice day. With working life creeping into our lives and taking control of it (or not), we find ourselves with a limited time to go out and catch up.
This was all worthwhile. I even fulfilled visiting a dessert destination I had never been to. Coco Black.

Sunday Things (Part II)

Here was another Sunday spur of the moment bake, and because no one wanted to eat this dark chocolate block, we turned it into cookies. I normally like to revisit recipes that I believe are great or if they have some sentiment to me. This recipe is my aunty's and so I like to take it out from time to time and spread the smiles and love that my aunty has given me.  
Since this cookie calls for much chocolate, much chocolate and cocoa and crazy mixing and laughing went into this cookie batch. 
After a warm cookie bite each. The sous chef, photographer and I went for a walk in the rain, literally. We put our rain coats on and took our umbrellas and sang under the pouring rain.
What a great way to spend a Sunday for the three cookie monsters.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Sunday Things

Here was another go at an old macaron recipe with a couple of adjustments here and there.
 A bit of hazelnut.

 No added sugar to the filling.
 ...And a bit more coffee flavouring. That makes it sound a bit like a hazelnut latte doesn't it...

A nice ending to a Sunday afternoon.


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