Monday, 30 April 2012

Sweet Get Together

So we found a spot to park. Half an hour parking, just what we needed. We walked past this shop on our way to the apple store. Sale! Got a booking last minute. Got the mac fixed up in a flash. Went past this store again on our way to the car in less than half an hour. Then we went to have some lunch. 
After all that business, it was a nice way to just chill and go shopping. Then we shared a summer special. It's  really nice to get together with a bestie on a nice day. With working life creeping into our lives and taking control of it (or not), we find ourselves with a limited time to go out and catch up.
This was all worthwhile. I even fulfilled visiting a dessert destination I had never been to. Coco Black.


  1. yum!!! the cake looks really nice =D and yay! you've been to Koko black now :)



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