Saturday, 5 November 2011

Time For Green Tea And Red Bean..

Exactly as the title says, time for some green tea and red bean macarons. These little treats were made on the behalf of a request from a church friend, and I felt like trying something different, out of my comfort zone. 
You see, I didn't know where to find matcha powder (green tea powder). I've only heard of it here and there so I had no idea what it looks like, smells like or taste like. This bake gave me an opportunity to test another macaron recipe, a different ratio of ingredients.
To be honest, this is not my best macaron bake. I've made macarons a total of five times now and only one has been successful-the second bake: second the best (cliche). But I know now that macarons are a very fragile creation; every little detail of the baking process must be followed as closely and precisely as possible.
Well, they're not that hard to make. Just follow instructions and you'll be fine. They really are pretty little cookie sandwiches...not the kind you can buy at your local supermarkets. 
So if you have the time and patience to bake for a friend or with a friend, this is definitely a worthwhile bake. I know me and my little cousin (a.k.a. sous chef) love to bake together, especially a macaron recipe. When they do turn out with their little feet and all, it just gets us all giddy and jittery because our hard efforts have finally paid off.

This batch turned out a half successful as you can see from some of the pictures, half of them were cracked. But I didn't give up. I just gave it my heart's effort to finish what I started. Everyone enjoyed it (;

Green Tea Macarons With Red Bean Paste Recipe is here. 
Next time I hope I can do more justice to the recipe and its baker.


  1. Hey D! I've always wanted to make green tea macarons with red bean filling.. but never know where to get red bean filling (or actually too lazy to get xP)! i'm sure they were DELICIOUS =D =D and yeh! if u fail! just TRY AGAIN :) :) i made some macarons the other day but they kinda failed too ==" haha



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