Thursday, 3 November 2011

Flubber-Like Lime

Since the day before yesterday, my sister requested some lime jelly because it's been just so hot and humid these last two days. So I searched the pantry for some lime jelly crystals and found a packet of Aeroplane Jelly-simply the best..."I love Aeroplane Jelly. Aeroplane Jelly for me"... you know that theme song?

Anyways there's not much to it, just follow the directions and add some boiling water to the jelly crystals, pour into some glass cups, wait for it to cool slightly before adding some fruits if desired. 
 Lime jelly. Fresh kiwis. Awesomely green.
 Makes you feel like going for a swim in the swimming pool, doesn't it?
I still have Flubber in mind as I stare into the greenness of this jelly.


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