Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mama-style French Toast

A pretty photo can capture your eye, have you thinking, or even make you drool. I wish I could always capture pretty pictures for you to see but not everything in life is perfect, especially the everyday things. Some of the pretty things in life: a beautiful, personalised, hand-picked necklace; 
a mum that always offers to help;
a simple, yet delicious homemade french toast;... 
This french toast isn't your typical french toast soaked in a eggy mixture. The batter doesn't even include milk, sugar, vanilla or cinnamon like most common French toast batters. It's different. A good different. And did I mention it is realllly simple to make?
In France, they call it pain perdu, meaning "lost bread" because it is a way to save stale or "lost" bread. It is considered to be a dessert, a breakfast as well as an afternoon tea snack. In Quebec, French toast is called pain dorĂ©, which means "golden bread". I agree with both interpretations, because my mama's French toast is dessert, breakfast, an afternoon tea snack, and a pretty "golden bread". It only requires some bread of your choice, one's favourite jams or spreads, some self-raising flour, water, oil and sugar to coat. No egg or milk required (you could experiment with the recipe, but I like to keep it real simple).
These pictures don't do justice to how pretty my mama's French toast really are, but I'll update you when I attempt this recipe independently next time (:


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