Friday, 15 February 2013

It's like you disappeared...

I tend do do that. Seemingly disappear (yet, I'm still here). Some of my friends tell me it's like I disappear from the face of the earth and then reappear for a short period, and then disappear again. I guess I have that effect because I travel to a different place at the end of the year. To local friends, I will "disappear" for about a month and it's hard to keep in touch because I rely on wi-fi, hence limited blogging for that matter. To friends afar, I will "disappear" for almost a year but we keep in contact by writing letters. You know, the old- fashioned way. Yes, I like the authenticity of it though many of my immediate family members think it is such a waste of time. But I think small tangible things like letters, hand made cards, thoughtful gifts, and freshly baked goods go a long way. I mean you can go your way and buy these things almost instantly these days, but call it time wasters... I like doing things my way. I want to stick around and update you what I've been up to this past month or two and I would love to but I can't.

These days I've got loads of books to get through. What kind of books you might ask? Teaching books, resource books and children's books (and baking books too). So my day is packed. How about yours?

I think I've got just as many baking and cookery books compared to teaching resources, and I'm supposed to be a teacher? I see why getting started is such a daunting reality when you enter the workforce. Don't forget breakfast...remember that cocoa almond granola? I added some juicy summer grapes and banana. I think fruit cereal is becoming a new favourite.

Have a productive day!


  1. loving the look of your new blog =)

    heyyy.... maybe you should be a baking teacher!!! =p

    1. Thank you Tray! I guess I'm in need of change. A baking teacher? Maybe later down the the moment, most schools are in need of regular classroom teachers, music teachers, sports teachers and language teachers. It's a tough competition, but I'll try search up home economics teacher when I get some experience just teaching. Thanks for the idea hehe...



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