Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Coffee Letter Remedy

It's 3pm and I was hitting the slumps. It reached a staggering 41 degrees today and I was clearly not functioning well as I almost fell asleep at the wheel. On my way home from a friend's place, I was feeling sluggish and my eyes were droopy. Thank God I reached home safely and I hit the couch for a short power nap. Not the kind of citizen you'd want on the streets. But I'm not usually like this. No, I'm rarely like this.

I quickly made an afternoon coffee for that kick. I don't always have coffee. It's just today I needed I just felt like it. To pair my coffee, I had a delicious letter. A what letter? I think it's this weather. The heat is driving my head in circles.

Ahh...much better. A nice cup of coffee and a good read. Now I'm off again. Driving, yes, but I'll be sure to peel my eyes open. I promise I'll be a good citizen despite the heat wave that's hitting this place.

About time I write some replies to long overdue letters (sorry to those friends afar, I'm getting there, slowly).

What's your remedy for that afternoon slump?


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