Sunday, 21 October 2012

Carrot-A Chinese Ginseng?

I'm not sure whether this is true or if it's just some myth, but are carrots really a chinese ginseng? You used to hear people say carrots are good for your eyes, well that was kind of true to some extent. Although a balanced diet is the way to go. So today we made a health-ish carrot cake recipe.
 One helper was grating the carrots while the other was crushing walnuts, and me?...I ran around taking pictures after I sifted the dry ingredients together.
 Mmm...drizzled with honey and oats on top. Next time we shall go less on the oats and a little bit more on the honey.
After the baking session, we also went on a nice long afternoon walk to post something special to someone. Hope they like it!
Here's the recipe-handwritten by my beloved cousin.
 Note: We mixed the dry ingredients together and the wet ingredients together and then incorporated the two mixtures. Instead of baking it in the loaf kind of tin pan for 50 minutes, we used 15 muffin tin molds and baked it for about 25 minutes.


  1. HEYYYYY!!! thank u soooo much :D :D got the letter :) :) awww... so touched that i was that "someone" special! your carrot cake/muffins look delicious! ^^



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