Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Walk in the Beautiful Garden

You ever have that feeling of wanting get far away-away from the troubles, away from all the worries, away from all the sorrows, away from all that is weighing you down. Today was one of those days.
 It was wonderful day. Sunny. Warm. Beautiful.
 Even the blue sky came out to greet us.
 The sun kissed our cheeks and our foreheads.
 The flowers waved to us as we walked pass.
 The time went by at a nice pace.
 More flowers greeted us.
It was a refreshing day away from the city. A walk in the beautiful garden.
 A berry ricotta crumble complemented by a berry red flower.
A nice lemon tang tart to end the trip.
Rose Heritage, a beautiful garden to visit.


  1. hey ^^ nice to see u blogging again :) missed your entries! this is such a pretty one! the title reminds me of the hymn "Beautiful garden of prayer~~" :) hope ur doing well!

  2. Been busy with my practicum, but thank God...it's all good (: trying to get back into blogging and many other things I've put off these last few months. Teaching requires much more preparation than I ever expected...but surely I'll get the hang of it some day. Just like baking~lots of preparation but the final product is worth it!



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