Sunday, 1 July 2012

Baking Under the Rainbow

I wanted to go for a walk early in the morning but then it started raining. It's not like I have time to go for a walk every morning, but I do love time to myself to just walk around the neighbourhood saying 'good morning' to passerbyers and just looking at the sky and nature. This is the distance I managed to walk-just out my front door to the drive thru and then the drizzling rain began. And at that moment I capture this:

A full arch rainbow and it's 'shadow' in the sky. So I went back into the house and decided to bake. It's just a typical Anzac biscuit recipe from a children's book and I'm sure there's many more Anzac biscuit recipes out there! I just felt like adding dark chocolate chips. So I did!

 Because my colleague gave me a whole stack of child care textbooks (yes, I'm studying to be a primary school teacher remember...), I decided to show my appreciation with these choc chip Anzac biscuits, a recipe from one of the textbooks.
It didn't take too long to wrap, but define 'too long'? When it comes to baking, nothing is ever 'too long' in fact, baking is therapeutic to me as it calms me down and extends my patience. My next assignment was to bake some typical Melting Moments for my cousin and sous chef upon her birthday request or wish, whatever you want to call it.

Somehow the rainbow on a rainy day made my day.


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