Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Thank You Tray

Thanks to Tray, featured here are Tray's photos of our baking adventures together in the short span of time we were able to meet again. This bake was in preparation for a very special person's wedding; a cousin sister who I know  loves little delights such as these. Though she did not personally request that we make anything, she did hint that she would like one of my small creations to be presented on her special day.
It was late. Another midnight bake. Nevertheless we carried on knowing there would be no other time to fulfil her request as well as bake together.
Supposedly the cookies with white milo cereal on it were brides with veils and the groom had brown milo cereals for hair and choc chips for ears. 

 With leftover M & Ms we got creative and decorated some cookies with flowers.

This recipe proves a success once again. Next time I shall hunt for Horlicks to make this recipe with because the cookie faces do look rather tanned hahs...

Thank you Tray for the baking adventure of a night. It was a worthwhile bake and one that brought smiles to many people's faces on such a happy occasion.


  1. thank you Debby!!! for letting us bake in ur kitchen! and causing a mess xD but that's the fun of it hey? so happy to bake together ^^" hope we can bake again .. this time i'll be the host =D



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