Sunday, 5 February 2012

For the Love of Macarons

A good church friend gave me the gift of a macaron cook book not too long ago. I have been reading through it ever since but haven't had the courage to explore new macaron flavour combinations until today, when my little cousin requested blue macarons for afternoon tea. I hesitated...

Blue macarons? How could you make a pleasing blue macaron? What flavour would it be? I didn't really want to attempt to make such a concoction, but seeing as she was working ever so hard doing her homework, I eventually agreed. 
These little concoctions turned out to be just gorgeous. With the vanilla custard cream, they were delightful. 
As you can see, there weren't just blue vanilla custard filled macarons. There were also matcha vanilla custard filled macarons too.
I had wondered why it was so quiet this afternoon and to my delight, my little sister was exercising her brain doing her homework from the first week of school back. So I took the liberty of making half the batch of macarons green using matcha green tea powder because she likes green. 
Something about macarons and motivation that just mesh together on days like this.

Recipe source: I Love Macarons by Hisako Ogita


  1. THEY LOOK AMAZING!!!! Deb u are becoming quite a macaron pro!! hehe I especially love the BLUE ONE! it looks just like a violet and blueberry macaron I had at a famous melb macaron place!!! =D I can't wait to taste your macarons one day :)

    keep it up!! ^^



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