Wednesday, 9 November 2011

No Knead Bread: Just What I Need

I agree with Happy Home Baker, these truly are "magical rolls". When my mom passed by these little beauties her first instinct was to poke it. I know she was judging whether the rolls were hard or soft. With fingers crossed behind my back, my mom exclaimed, "Wow! These are really soft!!"  
I must say, I was relieved to hear that because my mom always compares the things I bake to the things she could buy in supermarkets. If they aren't as delicious and presentable as the supermarket's, why spend all that time making it? Afterwards came taste testing. When the rolls had slightly cooled, she took the bread in her hand and halved it. After that she peered at the texture of the bread (I know, I should have took a picture of the time!), then she took a bite. To my surprise, she said it was as good as professional bakeries' back at home in Taiwan. And in Taiwan, with a bakery or two for every block you walk (my grandma's street alone has four bakeries, a ten minute stroll), there's a lot to compare to. 
You know, this is my first baked bread. I've made steamed buns before. But this is different. It's a breakthrough! For some reason, I still had it in me to try tweaking the recipe by creating savory buns out half the dough using some garlic filling from Happy Home Baking's Garlic Bread recipe. Thanks to Tray for the made me feel like having a go (:

You can find the recipe here.


  1. hehe! You are most welcome!! Your blog inspires me to bake more and update my blog more regularly too (I've been a bit lazy ==)

  2. bear in mind, I'm on semi-holiday mode...hence the baking spree...I don't think would have time to do this when I start working full time :(



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