Sunday, 30 October 2011

Oh Oh Oreo Continental Cheesecake

Oh, how do you make cheesecake without cheese? 

My answer is...1 pack of White Wings Continental Cheesecake mix and people will never figure out that it was a packet mix, well, almost never. 

Simply decorate as you please and it will look as pleasing to the eye like a decadent cheesecake from the shops.  

I used a couple of oreos and a few slivers of strawberries to top this off. Everybody at the dinner party later eyed the cake like a bunch of hawks waiting for the cutting of it at dessert time after dinner. I even added a handful more of strawberries to garnish it and removed the shiny foil layer you see in the pictures, all of it gone within a couple of minutes.

Satisfying to the eye...
Gratifying to the taste buds...
Defying whether you need cream cheese for a cheesecake...


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