Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cold Rocks

I had been waiting years to try this because there was never the occasion for me to do so. So while taking a friend out to tour Perth, we seized the opportunity to try this. 
 All I knew was that it sells ice cream mashed with your favorite toppings. 
Little did I know of what flavors there were or how big the serving was, or even how to order.
So when we finally decided after several taste tests of different flavored ice creams, we learned of how to order our desired flavor combination. What did we expect?
The regular ice cream serving looked huge from behind the windows. We watched with great anticipation as our chosen toppings were being mixed and mashed together with the ice cream. As you can see above, I chose mango ice cream with mango pulp topping.
 My friend on the other hand chose honeycomb ice cream with cookie dough toppings.
This would have to equate to 2 scoops of ice cream.
Want a lick of ice cream, come to Cold Rocks...


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