Friday, 28 October 2011

Choc Chip Cookies Craze

When I came across this recipe on Happy Home Baking I just felt so attached to the cookies on sticks that I had to bake some to behold for myself. So one sunny afternoon we got down to some serious baking, me and my little cousin, and turns out she's a better baker than I am hahs...smiles on choc chip cookies and smiles at them too (: 

Somehow the cookies seemed somewhat different from the ones featured in Happy Home Baking, however they were still a sweet treat. I even had some jumbo pop sticks to attach to them and ribbon too. 

So colorful!
 Cookie monsters sneaking up on them...

Next time, I'd probably add a little less chocolate and sugar because my little cousin and I got a little sugar-high-craze after a bite or two.


  1. Hello, bluebakeblogger!
    I am a fan of happyhomebaking too! hahah, your cookies on stick look amazing! I totally get how these cookies will give u a 'sugar-high-craze after a bite or two'. I read on facebook that to burn the calories of one M&N, you need to walk the length of a football field! :O!!
    But who cares right? :)
    Great blog u have!



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