Thursday, 21 March 2013

Matcha Dark Chocolate Chip Chiffon Cake

The house was a mess, my room was a mess, the kitchen was a mess, and the bathroom was a mess. You ever have one of those days when you just can't stand it no more. I had to get out the mop and bucket, the scrub and detergent, and cloths and sponge. And you know what, today's experiment looked kind of like a mess too. 
I don't often make chiffon cakes, as you can see, it involves a quite a bit of technique and precision. The ratio of dry ingredients to wet ingredients can really affect the end product. The way you prepare the ingredients can affect the outcome whether the cake holds up or deflates. Hey, but have a go and you'll find chiffon cakes quite interesting to bake, and a delightful light sponge to eat.
 It involves beating egg whites until glossy and firm, and then folding two very different mixtures together.
There's no butter or oil on the sides of the tube pan because when the cake bakes, it sticks to the edges of the pan in order to support the form of the cake.
One brave step forward into exploring chiffon cakes means many more recipes to experiment with. The most important is to have fun during the day (...I even had fun cleaning).
You can find the recipe at Happy Home Baking.


  1. Deb that looks DIVINE =D =D
    yeah I had a chiffon cake phase! haha it really wasn't as scary and difficult as I thought it would be! Ooo I might add choc chips into my next one.. I like the idea :)



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